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Repair for Your Pier & Beam Foundation in the DFW Metroplex

Though many homes are built on slab foundations, there are also many other structures built using a pier and beam foundation system. Since slab foundations are inexpensive and easy to build quickly, they are often the more popular choice. Though pier and beam foundations are thought of by some as being a stronger option, this type of foundation system still faces its own unique set of challenges. They are not immune to damage and often require repairs. At Accurate Foundation Repair, we can reinforce comprised pier and beam foundations in the DFW Metroplex by completing an I-beam retrofit. If your structure has been showing signs of foundation damage, now is the time to contact our team. We’ll identify the problem and provide the repairs needed to return your foundation to its original condition.

steel i-beams

Reinforce Your Foundation with Retrofitting

Your pier and beam foundation consists of concrete footings that are attached to piers (also known as posts.) Foundation beams are laid across the top of the piers and provide the support for the flooring of your structure. As with other types of foundations, different environmental factors can affect the stability of your foundation, which may require the need for repair or reinforcement. For pier and beam foundations, we are able to retrofit your current foundation with steel I-beams in order to provide the necessary support your structure needs. Though this retrofitting process can be somewhat disruptive, it is usually the best option to ensure your home or business stands strong for years to come.

Learn More About Our Process

If you’re interested in learning more about our retrofitting process for pier and beam foundations, please reach out to the team at Accurate Foundation Repair. We can provide you with the necessary information and can also schedule an inspection at your home or business. We’ll evaluate the current state of your foundation and determine the best method to repair the damage. We want to ensure your structure is standing tall for many more years, and we’ll provide the repairs necessary to make this happen. Get in touch with us today!

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