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Accurate Foundation Repair’s Foundation Repair Specialists

Accurate Foundation Repair provides superior foundation repair services to residents throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas. It is crucial for homeowners throughout Texas to be vigilant and check for signs of foundation damage, which is common throughout the region. For instance, the Texas soil is highly expansive, meaning lawns must be correctly hydrated during the dry seasons. If there isn’t enough moisture in the ground, it will compact and pull away from the foundation, leaving your foundation with no support. As a result, you will require foundation repair. If you do need a foundational repair specialist, then you can trust our team to resolve the issue. We have years of experience working with various types of foundations.

Understanding How Issues May Develop

However, a more common problem is improper drainage during the rainy season or due to a leak under your foundation. When water is permitted to pond around or near the foundation, the soil will quickly expand due to moisture content. These highly expansive clay soils can and will produce enough force causing the outer portions of the foundation to rise at a much faster rate than the center, or dryer area of the foundation causing a situation referred to as an “edge lift”. This process will produce significant damage to your home.

As these foundations’ problems continue to plague your home, you will begin to notice other issues such as, doors and windows that stick, sloping floors, cracks in your interior walls along with cracking in your brick and mortar, and the devaluation of your home.

If your Texan home is experiencing foundation issues, you can trust the experts at Accurate Foundation Repair, no matter what your foundation repair needs may be.

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Signs You Need Foundation Repair Immediately

Accurate Foundation Repair believes homeowners should be familiar with the early warning signs associated with foundation damage. Understanding and recognizing them makes a huge difference. Taking immediate action can save money and even prevent longstanding damage to your beloved home. So, look out for the following symptoms and contact Accurate Foundation Repair if you notice any of them:

  • Cracks and crumbling foundation materials
  • Shifting soil or water damage
  • Gaps in the walls and foundation
  • Drooping floors
  • Warped ceilings
  • Windows and doors that get stuck

The Kinds of Foundations Accurate Foundation Repair Uses

Fortunately for homeowners suffering from foundation problems, there’s no shortage of techniques available to our foundation repair specialists. Fort Worth, TX residents can trust us due to our familiarity with each of them. We can adapt to the challenges your problem poses and apply any of the following structural solutions to your home’s foundation:

Steel Piers

Steel piers ensure a stable support system by using load-bearing beams. Steel piers are more durable than other kinds of piers. They can also compensate for friction and soil drag, making them ideal for properties where soil compaction or expansion is an issue.

Helical Piers & Torque Anchors

Helical piers and torque anchors are perfect for situations when we can’t access the load-bearing strata.  Our engineers can determine what amount of torque is needed to reinforce your foundation. They work well at driving piers further into the soil.

Residential Foundation Repair

If your home exhibits signs of foundation damage, then the time is now to act. Foundation deterioration grows worse over time, so there’s an incentive to contact our foundation repair specialists immediately. It’s essential to have your home’s foundation repaired as soon as damage is noticed. Not having your foundation repaired can lead to some serious and very costly issues down the line, so contact the experienced professionals at Accurate Foundation Repair today for a free estimate.

Brick Mortar Repair

If you’re noticing large cracks in your brick foundation, immediately call our technicians. Big cracks indicate a significant problem, and you need to act quickly to prevent further damage. Our technicians know how to repair masonry and restore stability to your home. Please note that we currently only perform brick mortar repair if we have installed piers in the area. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about our services.

Commercial Foundation Repair

We can work on commercial properties throughout Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas. Your business is just as susceptible to foundation damage as a home, so it is wise to keep a lookout for damage and call Accurate Foundation Repair if there are any problems.

Steel I-Beam Retrofit for Pier & Beam Foundation

I-Beam retrofits help stabilize pier and beam foundations. We use them to rectify foundation problems and provide increased strength and stability for your home. These steel beams are strong enough to get the job done.

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Contact Accurate Foundation Repair Today

Fort Worth, TX residents trust our foundation repair specialists to help their residential and commercial properties due to our experience and professionalism. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service each time we visit a client’s property. More importantly, we believe in quality. Our team is extensively trained to deal with all kinds of foundation problems and how to determine which solution is right for the situation. To learn more about Accurate Foundation Repair and what we can offer, contact us today. Our specialists are waiting to solidify your property’s foundation.

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