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Accurate Foundation Repair Installs Steel Piers in Dallas

Accurate Foundation Repair is among the most trusted foundation repair companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are numerous ways to reinforce the foundation of your home or office building, but steel piers are among the best. Our foundation specialists can expertly install steel piers to ensure your home is stable and structurally sound. We are so confident in our steel piers that we offer a lifetime warranty with each one. For as long as your foundation is in place, the steel piers our foundation contractors install at your residential or commercial property will provide strength and protection. Accurate Foundation Repair has more than 25 years’ worth of experience, so trust us for all of your steel pier installation needs. Call us today to learn more about steel piers and their benefits.

Mechanical Drawing of Steel Pier

Installing Steel Piers Beneath Your Home Foundation

Steel piers can stabilize the foundation of your entire home or commercial building. Accurate Foundation Repair’s team of foundation contractors has been installing steel piers throughout the Dallas Metro area for more than two decades, providing peace of mind for residential and commercial property owners. We are committed to delivering a pier foundation that exceeds your expectations in terms of cost, workmanship, and completion time. To accomplish this goal, our steel piers consist of one-foot to three-foot pipes that measure nearly 3” in diameter. Steel piers can be installed to depths of up to 75 feet and support more than 10 times the weight that concrete pilings can. For each project, Accurate Foundation Repair hydraulically drives each steel pier into the soil beneath your foundation. We can then test load-bearing abilities to ensure they meet your standards and requirements. Once we are confident in your steel piers’ placement and stability, we will strategically place high-pressure hydraulic jacks in several locations to reduce the load on any individual pier.

How Steel Piers Repair and Support Your Home’s Foundation

Active soil is the layer of earth that lies three to four feet below your foundation. It is vulnerable to erosion from severe weather, which can threaten the structural integrity of your home or office building in Fort Worth, TX. There are deeper layers that are typically more dependable for support, which is where our foundation specialists will anchor your steel piers. We usually aim to root steel piers at least 25 feet below your commercial or residential property. By tapping depths far below the active layer of soil, we can guarantee your home or office gets the support it needs to remain stable despite severe weather conditions or natural disasters.

Benefits of Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Steel piers offer a plethora of benefits that other solutions cannot. The foundation contractors at Accurate Foundation Repair can help you understand the advantages of choosing steel piers over other foundation repair solutions. The benefits of our steel pier foundation repairs include:

  • Time to completion – Using steel piers to repair your foundation is a quick process. Contrary to some concrete repair systems, there is no curing time. Instead of waiting a week for concrete to harden, our foundation specialists can usually install steel piers in one or two days.
  • Unfailing support – Accurate Foundation Repair manufactures our steel piers to reach the load-bearing strata of the soil, where it will resist any further push. This ensures reliable support.
  • Durability – Because steel piers produce minimal friction or soil drag compared to larger concrete piers, they will remain in sound shape for an extended period of time. Our team can also place a friction collar around the lead section of the pipes to reduce friction even more.
  • Depth – Steel piers have smaller diameters than concrete pillars, so we can drill steel deep below your foundation


Contact Accurate Foundation Repair for Steel Piers Today

Among the best ways to repair your foundation in Fort Worth, TX is by using steel piers. The foundation specialists at Accurate Foundation Repair have been serving the area for more than 25 years, so you can rest assured we have seen and done it all. Regardless of the scope of your project or size of your facility, we can expertly handle your foundation repair using steel piers. We are so sure of our handiwork that we provide transferable limited lifetime warranties for all of our services and products. We know your steel pier will stand the test of time, but if something goes wrong, we will come to remedy the situation immediately. Contact us today to begin the steel pier foundation repair process.

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