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Our Retrofits Can Repair Your Pier & Beam Foundations

Many homes are built on slab foundations, mostly because they are inexpensive and easy to build quickly. But other types of foundations are used in some cases, and one example of that is pier and beam foundations. Though many consider pier and beam foundations to be a stronger option, they are not without their own unique set of challenges. A pier and beam foundation can still become damaged and require attention from a professional like Accurate Foundation Repair. Our team can complete I-beam retrofits to replace damaged parts of your pier and beam foundation in the Fort Worth, TX area. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our services, steel beam sizes, and more.

steel i-beams

What is a Pier & Beam Foundation?

Pier and beam foundations consist of brick, stone, or concrete piers that sit atop concrete footings and extend vertically from the ground underneath a home. These vertical piers reinforce wooden or steel beams that run horizontally underneath the floor of a house and support the weight of the entire structure. Together, the piers and beams keep the structure stable. Unlike slab foundations that sit directly on the ground, pier and beam foundations are elevated, usually sitting 24 inches off the ground’s surface. These extra inches of elevation help to prevent flooding that can sometimes occur in homes with slab foundations.

How We Repair Pier & Beam Foundations

There are many environmental factors and other external forces that can cause damage and affect the stability of your foundation. When this occurs, your foundation will require repair or reinforcement to restore it to its original strength. Our team can retrofit your current foundation with steel I-beams to reinforce it and return stability to your structure. Though the retrofitting process can be disruptive to your daily life, it is necessary to ensure your home or business will stand strong for years to come. The process of repairing your foundation will follow these steps:

  • Prepare Jobsite: We’ll begin the process by determining installation points in the area surrounding the structure. These points must be cleared of any shrubs or plants to allow us access. We’ll then lay down tarps to protect the rest of the lawn around the house. The last phase of this step is digging small holes at the installation points that will allow us access to the area where the new piers need to be installed.
  • Pier Installation: We’ll use a hydraulic ram to press many steel pipes into the soil until we find a permanent foundation support within the soil. Steel piers will later be installed on top of this permanent support, transferring the weight of the home from the unstable soil to a more solid foundation.
  • Stabilization: If needed, we will use hydraulic jacks to raise the interior floor levels to their natural position. This is necessary for homes where the floor has begun to sag due to inadequate support. We complete this step very slowly and carefully to ensure a gentle and uniform lift.
  • Pier Completion: Once we lift the structure, we replace the hydraulic jacks with concrete supports to hold the structure in place. We’ll then fill in any area that we excavated to gain access to the foundation and clean up any debris to finish the job.

Why Damaged Foundations Require Immediate Attention

Stainless Steal I Beam

Your foundation provides support for your entire structure. If the foundation becomes damaged, it can put your entire home or business at risk. That’s why it’s important to have a professional complete pier and beam foundation repair as soon as you notice an issue. The quicker we act, the less work will have to be done, and the safer your structure will be. North Texas has a particular problem with soil movement, which significantly contributes to unstable foundations and the need for repairs. Ignoring foundational issues can lead to further problems as the soil continues to shift and cause damage. For the safety of your home and your family, it’s essential to address foundation issues quickly.

Problems That Foundation Repair Addresses

A damaged foundation can lead to many problems for your structure, but luckily, repairing your pier and beam foundation by retrofitting it with structural steel I-beams addresses many of those problems. At Accurate Foundation Repair, our goal is to return your home or business to its original state by getting rid of any failing materials and reinforcing the damaged foundation with stronger options. Our foundation repair services will address:

  • Sagging, sloping, or buckling floors
  • Warped floor joists
  • Twisting or rotten beams
  • Corroded seal plates
  • Instability of structure

Contact Accurate Foundation Repair Today

If you’re interested in learning more about our retrofitting process for pier and beam foundations, please reach out to us today. Our team is here to answer any questions you have about the process, our experience, and our talented team. Once we answer your questions, we can schedule an inspection at your home or business where we can take a look at your foundation’s current state and determine how we can restore it and return stability. Please reach out to us today to set up a time.

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