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Soil Containment Barriers in Dallas, TX

Protecting your foundation is of utmost importance for the secure footing of your home or business. Shifting soil, increased moisture, and other environmental factors can all put added pressure on your foundation, leading to heaving or sinking of the slab and even structural damage to your home. There are many ways to help protect your foundation from various factors that could cause it harm. Simply maintaining your gutters and downspouts will keep the area around your home free from pooling rainwater. Moisture barriers installed underground to prevent water flow underneath your foundation. Soil containment barriers can be used to hold soil in place and prevent tree roots from getting too close to your foundation. If you’re concerned about protecting your home’s foundation, Accurate Foundation Repair is the team to call. We can install both moisture barriers and soil containment barriers at Dallas, TX residences and businesses.

moisture and soil barrier

Let Our Expert Team Install Soil Containment Barriers

Though your foundation is strong enough to support your home, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to damage from outside factors. Shifting soil and increased moisture are two of the primary causes of damage to your foundation. A soil containment barrier installed at your Dallas, TX property will ensure that your foundation is protected from both. These barriers are installed vertically underground to prevent the passage of excess soil and excess water to the area around your foundation. It’s also helpful at keeping away pesky tree roots that could also cause damage to your foundation. The team at Accurate Foundation Repair is able to install these barriers with expertise, so you can ensure you’re providing your home or business with adequate protection.

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If you have concerns about the protection of your foundation from environmental factors, you may want to consider the installation of a soil containment barrier. Our team will provide you with expert and friendly service that you can trust. Call us today if you have questions about any of our foundation repair services.

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