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Accurate Foundation Repair Installs Concrete Piers

Property owners throughout Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding area trust the foundation specialists at Accurate Foundation Repair to install concrete piers and pilings in their homes and buildings. Though they are slightly different structures, concrete pilings and piers are installed similarly. Our experts install either element by drilling into the ground beneath a building foundation and filling the hole with concrete to strengthen it. The home foundation repair experts at Accurate Foundation Repair will help you determine which option is most suitable for your property before completing the installation for you. Let us provide peace of mind that your foundation is sound and able to support your home or business for many more years. Call us today for more information about foundation repair.

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Understanding Concrete Pier Foundation Repair

Among the oldest and most common methods of foundation repair throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area is concrete pier foundation repair. Concrete piers are columns that the team at Accurate Foundation Repair can create by pouring liquid concrete into holes we drill into the ground beneath your home or light commercial facility. Typically, we will drill a hole that is 12” in diameter and extends to 12’ to 20’ below the surface of your concrete foundation. We then lower a set of reinforcing steel bars into the hole before pouring concrete into it. After letting the concrete set and harden for a week, we will place hydraulic jacks on the piers to lift your foundation. After lifting it, our team will use steel and concrete spacers for additional support. After completing this process, we will cover each pier and clean the area.

How Concrete Pilings Differ from Concrete Piers

The main difference between concrete piers and concrete pilings are their sizes and shapes. Concrete piers are cylindrical, whereas their counterparts are pre-cast concrete segments. Additionally, piers are usually installed to a shallower depth than concrete pilings. Each solution will support the damaged foundation at your home or business, and Accurate Foundation Repair is adept at helping determine which will work best for your building and the soil beneath your property. The underlying soil is a significant factor in terms of stability, so we will evaluate its condition before making any recommendations.

Determining Whether You Need Concrete Piers or Pilings

In addition to evaluating your foundation’s current condition and the soil beneath your home or office in Fort Worth, TX, Accurate Foundation Repair will assess how much stability you need. If you need a great deal of support, concrete pilings may be the best option for your property because we can root them far below your foundation to ensure solidity. Either option is designed to hold firm for as long as your concrete foundation is in place. We even offer a limited lifetime warranty so that you can rest assured your home or commercial property is safe. Should anything go wrong or any issues arise, let us know. We will return to provide any necessary building foundation repairs.

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Benefits of Concrete Piers and Pilings

Along with the added support and stability for your home or office, concrete piers and pilings provide a host of other benefits. The advantages of concrete piers and pilings in Dallas-Fort Worth include:

  • Protection against shifting soil and excessive groundwater during severe weather
  • Easy access to utilities for installation or repairs due to additional space
  • Flood damage prevention because of above-ground elevation
  • Increased load capacity for your residential or commercial property
  • Easier foundation inspection
  • Minimal disruption to the soil and environment

Contact Accurate Foundation Repair Today

Foundation damage is not an issue that you should dismiss or take lightly. If you ignore any problems with your home’s foundation, they can quickly worsen and cause repair expenses to skyrocket. You may even be putting your family and the structural integrity of your property at risk. Let the foundation repair experts at Accurate Foundation Repair visit your home or office in Fort Worth, TX to evaluate your foundation’s condition and make recommendations regarding its repair needs. We can help you determine what is causing the problem and suggest solutions such as concrete piers and concrete pilings. Contact us today to schedule an inspection appointment.

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