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Accurate Foundation Repair Can Repair Your Bricks and Mortar

The foundation specialists at Accurate Foundation Repair are skilled at repairing bricks and mortar for residential and commercial property owners throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas. Over the years, harsh weather conditions and the natural aging process can cause your masonry to crack, crumble, or fade. Depending on where your bricks and mortar are deteriorating, these problems could spell trouble for your foundation. You need a company with experience cleaning, repairing, and preserving your bricks to help strengthen and stabilize your home or office building. For those in and around Dallas-Fort Worth, that company is Accurate Foundation Repair. We will perform brick repair and mortar repair services to restore your property to its original condition. Call us today to learn more about how we can repair your brick facades and foundational elements.

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Understanding Brick Repair Services in Dallas, TX

Accurate Foundation Repair’s brick repair services fix brick mortar cracks, stop mortar deterioration, and replace broken bricks. Because of the number of homes throughout the Metro Dallas area, dry weather conditions in the region, and an abundance of foundation repair needs, our foundation contractors are in high demand. We have spent more than 25 years in the industry perfecting our craft, so we can repair your bricks and match your mortar to ensure a flawless appearance. Our team knows how to lay bricks using mortar that we have mixed to match your specific color and scheme. With every project, we strive to ensure a sturdy result that also looks pristine. To accomplish this mission, we use proven techniques and careful attention to detail.

Our Brick Mortar Repair Process

Homes made of brick are often some of the most beautiful structures on the block. We know you are proud of your investment and the appearance of your house, so let us help ensure its structure is also safe. Cracked bricks can cause your home or foundation to shift, which may lead to costly repairs in the future. But Accurate Foundation Repair can repair your bricks and mortar at the first sign of trouble. Call our foundation specialists in Fort Worth, TX as soon as you notice any cracks. In their early stages, these problems may be merely cosmetic, but they are warning signs of eventual collapse and disintegration that would destabilize your home. Accurate Foundation Repair can ensure your bricks and mortar never reach that stage.

We begin by visiting your home or building to assess the current damage and devise a plan for correction. In extreme circumstances, this may include laying new brick in some areas. But we may be able to avoid using new bricks by strengthening the weak spots with carefully-mixed mortar. Before creating new mortar, we clean the entire area. Matching brick mortar is an exact process that involves mixing proper ratios of binder materials and sand to ensure the color and consistency mimics the mortar that is already in place. Our vast experience with brick and mortar repair makes us uniquely qualified to complete this task for your home. We then follow specific guidelines regarding temperature and weather to install the mortar and strengthen your building’s structural integrity. Because of the hot Texas summers, we must be precise to avoid mortar that is abnormally soft or prone to crumbling. Our expertise is a huge advantage for this step and a reason you should trust Accurate Foundation Repair for all your brick and mortar needs.

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Brick and Mortar Repair Services that Last

Our foundation specialists have the knowledge and experience it takes to produce long-lasting results through our brick and mortar repair services. In addition to matching the existing mortar in color and consistency, we match it in strength. Before, during, and after our projects, we test the strength of the new mortar to ensure it will be capable of supporting your home or office for many years to come. We are so confident in our products and craftsmanship that we offer a limited lifetime warranty for our work. Maintain peace of mind about brick repair services by enlisting the help of Accurate Foundation Repair.

Call Accurate Foundation Repair for Brick Services Today

Brick homes are known to be elegant, sturdy, and exceedingly attractive. But cracks in your bricks or mortar can weaken their appeal – as well as their foundation. To help restore your bricks to their original condition, Accurate Foundation Repair offers brick and mortar repair services in Fort Worth, TX. At the first sign of cracks or deterioration, let us know. Our foundation specialists will visit your home or office building for an evaluation. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your brick repair services.

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