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Accurate Foundation Repair Protects Your Foundation

Pier and beam foundation is the most popular style of foundation contractor used when constructing residential and commercial buildings in the Fort Worth, TX area. Accurate Foundation Repair is here to help get you all the answers you need about this style. We can begin by identifying if this is the type of foundation of your structure. Other types of foundations include slab, basement, wood, and others. Accurate Foundation Repair is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide you with all answers and foundation repair services for your pier and beam system. Give us a call today if you notice issues or have further questions not answered below.

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation System?

More than likely, unless you are a construction expert, you do not know what a pier and beam foundation is. The team at Accurate Foundation Repair is here to help by answering some questions to guide you in the right direction when looking to maintain and preserve your home’s foundation. We can also help by showing you when to call on our experts for assistance and foundation repairs. The pier and beam style provides Fort Worth homeowners with a plethora of benefits which is why they have become more popular over the years. Their construct consists of all the following, which is how we can tell if it was used when building out your office or house:

Reinforced Concrete Footing: These get buried deep in the soil to prevent shifting and give the building a confident stance. The footing acts as an anchor, whether buried in the ideal of volatile soils.

Concrete or Brick Piers: We then attach piers made from sturdy materials like concrete and brick. They are placed on top of the footing and surround the support beams.

Support Beams: Generally made of tough and durable hardwood, the support beams are placed within the piers to add even more support for your foundation.

Benefits of Using Pier and Beam Foundation

Pier and beam foundations can help your home and office stand the test of time by providing plenty of benefits other than keeping it standing. If your building is in a place known for its dry soil, pier and beam is the perfect option. It helps the footing support your structure even more since there aren’t many disturbances with this kind of soil. Even where dirt shifts and adjusts, the footings are far less affected than other foundation options. One of the main benefits of having a pier and beam foundation is the ease of access you have to plumbing and electrical work that would otherwise be buried in concrete. This feature also saves you money since the technicians do not have to worry about tearing out and replacing the wall to make repairs or replacements. Since they sit higher above the ground, you can easily access the crawlspace.

Signs Your Pier and Beam Foundation Needs Repairing

No matter the benefits of choosing a pier and slab foundation over the other choices, it will need to be maintained and repaired over time. There are signs you should be aware of so you know when to reach out to our specialized experts for help. Even if you are unsure, it would be better to give us a call so we can inspect if you notice any of the following beginning to happen in your house or office:

  • Cracks in Wall or Ceiling
  • Unable to Open or Close Doors
  • Doors and Windows Sticking
  • Leaning Walls
  • Chimney Leaning
  • Sun Foundation

Why Choose Accurate Foundation Repair?

Once you see some of the issues listed above, reach out to the Accurate Foundation Repair team as soon as possible. The cracks will only grow, and your doors will remain unsecure. The quicker we can get to your Fort Worth home or office, the easier and cheaper the foundation repairs will be on your pier and beam system. Since they sit above ground, our team of professional technicians will easily find the problem and get to work. Using industry-leading materials, supplies, and equipment to complete any and all foundation repair services to get your home corrected. If you have any questions along the way, please be sure to let us know. We dedicate ourselves to the craft and will gladly get you’re the answers you need. Even if your home or office was built on a slab foundation, we could retrofit your house for a pier and beam so you can access all of the benefits.

Reach Out to Accurate Foundation Repair Today!

Our team is here for you and your home or office. Give us a call today when you need foundation repairs and other services. While pier and beam are our specialties, that does not mean we cannot help with other foundation systems. All services come with a free quote so you can adjust the services to match your budget. We aim to be open and honest with our clients, so they come to rely on us for years to come. We also have financing options for those Fort Worth residents and business owners who apply.

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