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Let Accurate Foundation Repair Help Get You Answers

Accurate Foundation Repair has been helping residents and business owners in the Fort Worth, TX and beyond for more than 25 years with foundation repairs. Trained in all the most modern methods and equipped with the industry’s best tools, they can efficiently and effectively get your foundation repaired and restore safety to your home or office. Even though we are very transparent when it comes to delivering our services, you may have some questions before receiving your free, no-obligation estimate for the foundation repairs needed. When asking questions, you want to make sure you are asking the right people and not just your neighbor. Our professional staff has given us the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from previous customers.

What Type of Soil is My Building Constructed On?

There are over 60 different types of soil throughout all of Texas, but thanks to our experience in the field, we have dealt with most of them. After our free estimate, we can go over which one your house or office is built upon to discover the potential culprit of your foundation repairs. Most of our foundation repair service area is covered with highly expansive soil. This kind of soil can cause problems in both the dry and rainy season. In the hot, humid summer, it’s compaction rate decreases, literally pulling away from the support your home needs. And when the rains come in with authority, it produces “edge lift” where the outside walls raise quicker than the middle, which can lead to cracks.

Does Accurate Foundation Repair Offer a Warranty for Foundation Repairs?

We offer two, actually! When you get stressful work done, such as foundation repairs, you should align yourself with a company who offers a warranty. Accurate Foundation Repair provides you with a transferable lifetime warranty on all of the services we provide your home or office. This is great to have, especially if you are thinking of selling soon. Potential buyers can purchase your home, knowing they have a great foundation backed by the stellar work of our team. We also work with a third-party warranty from StrucSure to support our work even further. We chose them because of their reputation for building stronger relationships with contractors and homeowners.

Do You Hire Day Laborers or Have an Official Staff?

All of the engineers at Accurate Foundation Repair have been professionally trained and are certified to do the work needed to repair your foundation back to new! We do not work with day laborers because they often aren’t covered under workman’s’ compensation, which can leave you in danger and open to lawsuits. We operate well within the law with a professional team of experts who are covered should anything accident happen while on-site.

What Types Foundation Repairs and Products Do You Offer?

Below is a listing of all the foundation repairs and products we offer at Accurate Foundation Repair. Please let us know if you are looking for something outside of this list, and we may be able to help you still get the assistance needed from your home.

How Does Plumbing Affect My Foundation Repair?

We work with third-party plumbers once we are finished with our repairs to ensure everything is running cleanly to and from your home or office. We have them come in to run a diagnostic test on all your plumbing to ensure there isn’t a leak anywhere. Repairing your foundation can often cause issues with the pipes, which is why we rely on their services to safeguard you from finding them later.

What are Some Signs You Need Foundation Repairs?

One of the most popular questions we get is, “How do I even know I need foundation repairs?” Thankfully, your home will let you know when it is suffering from foundation damage:

  • Doors and windows get stuck or don’t open as well or easy as they used to
  • Cracks on your ceilings and through your interior or exterior walls
  • Gaps between your crown molding and ceiling
  • Caulk separation on your windows and doors
  • Sunken floors near the foundation
  • Notice drywall nails starting to pop or separate from the walls
  • Bowing walls in your basement

How Long Will My Foundation Repairs Take?

There is no direct answer to this, as every home or office in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX is different and should be treated as such. Nor will they suffer the same form of damage. We work with you, though, and are as transparent as possible. When we give you the free estimate, you will receive an estimated time for finishing, but should something unexpected occur, you will be the first person notified.

Will You Get the Necessary Permits or Do I Need to Obtain Them?

Relax! Our professionals will handle any permitting required to get the job done. You don’t need to worry about pulling any city permits, as we’ll take care of it all for you! We also work with a third-party structural engineer to get you their report and all other the documentation needed to perform our services.

How Much Do You Charge for Foundation Repairs?

Much like knowing the time frame it will take to complete your foundation repairs, this number will be specific to your home or office’s needs. Our professional and free estimate will give you an idea of what your costs will be for the services needed to restore the foundation. The price could be as small as $1,800 or as large as $10,000, depending on what is going on underneath your home or office.

Will Foundation Repairs Ruin My Landscaping?

Having landscaping features close to your home’s foundation can significantly reduce issues leading to the need for foundation repairs. They will still potentially come up, though, and if need they are needed, Accurate Foundation Repair technicians will need to disrupt this area. There are other foundation repair services that will not require us to dig up any landscaping you have planted as well. It all depends on the primary foundation issue, but have no fears as Accurate Foundation Repair will attempt to cause as minor collateral damage as possible when providing you with our professional foundation repairs and other services. These disturbances could be helpful in the long run. If we need to uproot trees or bushes, we could be preventing future issues with their roots damaging the foundation. The earlier we catch foundation problems, the less likely we will need to get your landscaping involved, so if this is a cause for concern, be sure to call Accurate Foundation Repair at the first sign of issues with your home’s foundation.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Foundation Repair?

Depending on how your home’s foundation became damaged will decide if your homeowner’s insurance will help cover the costs of receiving foundation repairs and services from Accurate Foundation Repair. While your insurance option was not designed to help with routine maintenance and repairs, it can work in your favor if an unanticipated or sudden event caused the cracks, shifting, and other issues. Such events include a vehicle striking it or a storm blowing over a tree onto your house. Home insurance policies like floods and earthquakes work to help cover damage from these events. Everyone’s insurance is different, though, so count on the Accurate Foundation Repair team to work with your provider to ensure you get the coverage needed to prevent overpaying for our expert foundation repairs and more.

Can I Live In My House While Receiving Foundation Repair Services?

This answer depends on the foundation repair services you need and how severe the damage is to your home. Almost all of the jobs we perform on Fort Worth, TX homes are done from outside the house. This means you are welcome to stay the night and normally live while we work. There are some instances, though, where we will need to access the home’s interior. In these instances, we may need to have you stay elsewhere while we complete the task. There will be noise and disarray around the home, so you may choose on your own to move out once we begin the necessary foundation services if that will bother your daily life.

Should I Get Foundation Repairs Before or After Remodeling?

The professional technicians at Accurate Foundation Repair highly suggest you seek out our foundation repair services before beginning any major remodels or renovations of your home. The process of executing these services will require us to lift the entire house. This can cause damage to the brick, plaster, or drywall in your home. You can also see issues with plumbing. Because these may occur, you will save yourself time and money by having us complete the project before creating your new spaces and re-mapping your home. We recommend waiting before needing pier, beam, or slab foundation repairs and services.

Call Today When You Need Foundation Repairs

If you still have questions about services or if you aren’t sure if you even need foundation repairs, call the experts at Accurate Foundation Repair. We will provide you with a free estimate and assessment to see what is going on with the foundation of your home or office in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. We have proudly served our community for over two decades and can’t wait to continue delivering professional, personalized, and punctual service to our neighbors and friends. Reach out today with all your questions and get the answers you deserve!

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