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The highly expansive soils, found throughout Texas and southern Oklahoma, are very active and rely greatly on moisture content. If these soils are not properly hydrated to maintain expansion during the hot, dry months of summer, their compaction rate is such that they will literally pull away from the foundation leaving essentially no support.

However, a more common problem is improper drainage during the rainy season or due to a leak under your foundation. When water is permitted to pond around or near the foundation, the soil will quickly expand due to moisture content. These highly expansive clay soils can and will produce enough force causing the outer portions of the foundation to rise at a much faster rate than the center, or dryer area of the foundation causing a situation referred to as an “edge lift”. This process will produce significant damage to your home.

As foundations problems continue to plague your home, you will begin to notice other issues such as, doors and windows that stick, sloping floors, cracks in your interior walls along with cracking in your brick and mortar, and the devaluation of your home.

If your Texan home is experiencing foundation issues, you can trust the experts at Accurate Foundation Repair, no matter what your foundation repair needs may be.

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