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Learn More About Warranty Coverage

Warranties: What Is a Foundation Repair Warranty? Discovering an issue with your home’s foundation is nothing short of stressful. If that issue requires services from a foundation repair expert, it is not only critical that you choose the best contractor for the job, but that no further issues arise after the project is complete.

Why Have Warranty Coverage? A warranty helps you avoid potential headaches, hassles, and “what ifs” and can make your foundation repair experience a positive one.

The hope is that you will never need warranty protection, but if a problem emerges, you will be glad you are covered.

StrucSure: Accurate Foundation Repair chose StrucSure Home Warranty to be our warranty administrator for foundation repair projects. We chose to work with StrucSure because of its reputation in the construction industry, commitment to service, and dedication to the homeowner experience. StrucSure Home Warranty’s foundation repair warranty was designed to give you peace of mind about your foundation repair project by providing you with third-party warranty protection after your foundation repair project is complete. It also helps you protect your time and financial investment.

In addition to providing you with confidence that any latent foundation repair issues will be resolved, StrucSure’s warranty also protects you against any potential hefty repair bill – or even worse – a legal nightmare that could result in wasted time, energy, and money.

StrucSure Home Warranty’s goal is to promote healthy contractor/homeowner relationships as well as see to it that you have a long and worry-free experience with your repaired foundation. Rest easy knowing Accurate Foundation Repair also shares in these goals and wants you to feel confident about your foundation repair project in every way possible.

Accurate Foundation Repair Limited Lifetime Warranty: At Accurate Foundation Repair we understand that service does not end when our trucks leave your property. We provide you with a lifetime transferable warranty, along with the StrucSure Warranty, to back our work 100%. We give you the comfort of knowing that our foundation work will stand the test of time, and should any concerns arise, Accurate Foundation Repair will be there to take care of your needs.

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