When faced with a foundation repair on your home, one question that often comes up is which pier system is the best choice? Are steel piers really the best choice for your foundation fix?

Accurate Foundation Repair stands behind their steel pier system with a lifetime warranty. We manufacture our steel piers to reach end bearing strata, where the soil resists any more push. Accurate Foundation Repair’s piers are manufactured with a two and seven eighths steel pipe. These piers produce less skin friction than the larger concrete piers. Skin friction is simply an engineering term that is used to describe the drag the soil has on a pier. The smaller diameter pipe can be driven much deeper than the ten inch diameter concrete cylinder. A friction collar is added to the lead section of the pipe to minimize the skin friction of the soil even more and allowing Accurate Foundation to reach even greater depths.


The soil that lies 3-4 feet under your house is often referred to as the active soil. This is the soil in the “weather effected” zone. Below this unstable layer of soil lie the more consistent soils not effected by the weather. A pier can only work properly if it is installed deeper than the active soil, into the more stable layer of soil. Steel piers have the capability to reach depths of 25 plus feet, far below the active soil layer.

A steel pier is capable of supporting ten times the load of a concrete pressed piling.  The weight of a house can actually change due to different weather conditions. Snow piled on the roof can add a lot of mass to a structure and a steel pier is able to withstand the changes and still hold strong.

One more advantage to a steel pier is that a steel pier has the flexibility to be used both inside and outside your home with little fuss. There is no “curing” time needed like some of the concrete systems, so the repair time is minimal. Many jobs can be finished in one to two days!

Steel piers have been proven to stand the test of time and be the most successful and less expensive method of repair for your foundation needs.

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