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We repair both residential and commercial structures with the utmost attention to detail. In some instances we have set the industry standard for high quality repair’s that will stay fixed. If You Own a Home In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area & Texas with a foundation a problem, Or Any City In America, That Need’s Serious Foundation Repair, You Can Trust The Experts at Accurate Foundation Repair No matter what your foundation repair needs are!

Steel piers are an excellent choice for most foundation repair issues which are caused by organic soils, swelling clays, poor compaction, improper footer embedment, and erosion or run off. Steel piers, also known as push piers, mini-piles, or resistance piers, are an economical and permanent solution for your home that has settled. Steel piers are an end bearing pier that does not rely on the soils skin friction to provide support. These underpinning piers are able to develop a factor of safety due to the fact that they are individually load tested during installation.


After a building is constructed, changes around and under the foundation occur and are the primary cause of foundation settlement and sinking. Foundation specialists will frequently use steel piers or push piers to fix this very common foundation problem. Acute moisture changes such as drought or oversaturation, along with poorly compacted fill soils, swelling clays, improper footer embedment, and erosion or runoff create soil movement. That movement shifts and settles your home, causing cracked walls, uneven walls, uneven floors and a sinking and often damaged foundation.

Steel piers provide a two fold system that involves driving steel pilings into the weight bearing stratum, which is the layer of soil best suited to bearing the weight of the structure. Once that load bearing soil is reached, the weight of the structure is transferred by a hydraulic manifold lifting system which uses the steel piers to lift the foundation. This allows you to regain the lost elevation, restoring the foundation of your structure to a safe, level, and stable position.

There are four main steps that take place in the installation of steel piers. The first step is to excavate the ground for the installation around the foundation. Then the foundation bracket is mounted for the piering system. After the bracket is mounted, the actual installation of the push piers takes place. Then the weight of the structure will be transferred to the steel piers. Once those four steps take place, the hydraulic manifold lifting system  can use the steel piers to lift the foundation and move it back to the desired position.

There are different models used based on your project’s needs and whether or not the foundation is a part of a commercial structure or residential structure. No matter the size of your project, Accurate Foundation Repair can be the permanent solution to any and all of your foundation problems!

The crew was great - clear communication throughout the process. I will recommend Accurate Foundation in the future. Exceeds expectations in all areas!

Stephen Massey; Allen, TX

The crew was very professional and very considerate of our home. The work they did for us was excellent! I would use them again!

-  5/6/16

Judy; McKinney

Crew did a great job and the foreman was very attentive to all the little details!

-  2/24/16

K. Wheat; Garland