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We repair both residential and commercial structures with the utmost attention to detail. In some instances we have set the industry standard for high quality repair’s that will stay fixed, for instance we have developed a Steel Frame Retrofit Specifically for Historic Renovation’s on homes that were built using Bois D’arc “Stumps” as Foundation Supports. With the cost related to Restoring one of These “Period Specific” Homes, The Foundation Determines Rather or Not Your Investment Remains In Tact.

With Todays Newer Homes often time’s the problems associated with Foundation Movement are just the opposite. The highly expansive clay soils that are found predominantly throughout the Texas, and Southern Oklahoma are VERY ACTIVE and Depend Greatly upon Moisture Content. IF these soil’s are not kept hydrated during the summer months to maintain expansion their compaction rate is such that they will literally pull away from the foundation allowing for virtually no support at all, HOWEVER the most common problem is incorrect drainage in the rainy season. IF water is allowed to pond at or near the foundation the soil will expand due to moisture content in a relatively short period of time. These Highly Expansive Clay Soil’s CAN & WILL exert enough force causing the outer portions of the foundation to rise at a much faster rate than the “Center” or “Drier” portions of the foundation causing A situation referred to as “EDGE LIFT” causing significant damage to your Home.

If You Own a Home In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area & Texas with a foundation a problem, Or Any City In America, That Need’s Serious Foundation Repair, You Can Trust The Experts at Accurate Foundation Repair No matter what your foundation repair needs are…

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The crew was great - clear communication throughout the process. I will recommend Accurate Foundation in the future. Exceeds expectations in all areas!

Stephen Massey; Allen, TX

The crew was very professional and very considerate of our home. The work they did for us was excellent! I would use them again!

-  5/6/16

Judy; McKinney

Crew did a great job and the foreman was very attentive to all the little details!

-  2/24/16

K. Wheat; Garland