Helical Piers Foundation Repair



We repair both residential and commercial structures with the utmost attention to detail. In some instances we have set the industry standard for high quality repair’s that will stay fixed. If you own a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area & Texas with a foundation a problem that needs serious foundation repair, you can trust the experts at accurate foundation repair no matter what your foundation repair needs are!

Helical piers have been in use for the stabilization of foundations since the early 1800’s. The original helical pier was designed as a wooden shaft with an iron helix for use in lighthouse foundations. Helical piers have the capacity and longevity to support your home for years to come. They are quick to install and are an excellent choice for foundation repair and stabilization where limestone and/or load bearing strata are not easily accessible.

What Are Helical Piers & Why Use Them in Your Home

In foundation repair there is often the need to resist a tension, or compressive force, or both. When these situations come up helical piers are used. Helical piers, also known as anchors, piles or screwpiles, are deep foundation repair solutions used to secure new or existing foundations. Due to their easy installation and design, they are the most commonly used solution whenever soil conditions prevent standard foundation remedies. Rather than requiring a lot of excavation work, they thread straight into the ground. This minimizes installation time, calls for little soil disturbance, and most importantly transfers the weight of the structure to load bearing soil.

Helical piers are needed in a variety of residential and commercial applications. When a foundation is exposed to moisture over a long period of time, or construction is cited on unstable soil, structural and foundation damages become visible. To repair the foundations of your property and ensure the building does not lose value, helical piers  are used to repair foundations once foundation failure becomes apparent. Some indications they a foundation maybe be failing are the following; Windows and doors are sticking or hard to open, there are large gaps in window and door frames, interior plaster walls are cracking, multiple nail pops appear in ceilings and walls, walls appear to lean, floors have started to settle and become uneven, chimneys are tilting or leaning, and cracks can be seen in foundations or basement walls.

There are many situations for which the helical pier are considered the best solution for a foundation project. Some key benefits to using them are that they are easy to install, cause little to no vibration during installation, the load of the structure can immediately be transferred after installation, load testing is easily verified, they install well below active soils, they can be installed in all types of weather, and there is little disturbance to the landscaping surrounding your structure.

Whether you are repairing a damaged foundation, or preventing future damage, let the experts at Accurate Foundation Repair help you find the right solution for your needs.


The crew was great - clear communication throughout the process. I will recommend Accurate Foundation in the future. Exceeds expectations in all areas!

Stephen Massey; Allen, TX

The crew was very professional and very considerate of our home. The work they did for us was excellent! I would use them again!

-  5/6/16

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Crew did a great job and the foreman was very attentive to all the little details!

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