Foundation contractors are needed when you spot cracks, leaks or slopes in the floors around your driveway, entryways, patio or anywhere else on your property. These are typically major projects that cannot be properly done without professional foundation contractors who are trained to assess and address these types of problems using years of expertise aided by the latest technology. While the cost and severity of the project may have prevented you from turning to a foundation contractor in the past, it is better and more economical to fix problems of this magnitude sooner rather than later as these issues only get worse and therefore more expensive as time goes on.


For well over a decade Accurate Foundation Repair has set the standard for the highest quality foundation repair of both residential and commercial structures in and around the Dallas Fort Worth region. Our products and professionally certified foundation contractors specialized in the solutions you need to permanently solve your foundation issues.


Caring for your home’s foundation can be particularly tricky in Texas due to a very active zone of clay soil that runs through North Texas into Oklahoma. We have extensive experience repairing foundations devastated by the highly expansive clay soils that dominates the area. When these types of soil are not kept hydrated during the dry summer months, they literally pull away from a building’s foundation, leaving virtually no support. On the flip side, another common problem we find in the area is incorrect drainage in the rainy season. When water is allowed to pool near a building’s foundation, the soil expands forcing the outer portions of the foundation to rise. This is commonly know as edge lift and can cause significant damage to not only the foundation, but the building itself.


Implementing a retaining wall is an effective solution to combat the expansive nature of the clay soil native to the Texas area. Retaining walls are structures designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, preventing its natural movement. There are several kinds of retaining wall and they can take several forms. Concrete block walls are a popular choice because of their durability and strength. This type of structure is also more flexible than a solid wall, allowing for the structure to move slightly, a feature that is particularly helpful when dealing with clay soil.


Whether or not your property is in the Texas area, if you have serious foundation repairs you can trust the experts at Accurate Foundation Repair to permanently solve all of your needs!